HMC988 Programmable Clock Divider & Delay, DC - 4 GHz

Product Details

The HMC988LP3E is a an ultra low noise clock divider capable of dividing by 1/2/4/8/16/32. It is a versatile device with additional functionality including adjustable output phase, adjustable delay in 60 steps of ~ 20 ps, a clock synchronization function, and a clock invert option.

Housed in a compact 3 × 3 mm SMT QFN package, the clock divider offers a high level of functionality. The device works with 3.3V supply or may be connected to 5V supply and utilize the optional on-chip regulator. This on-chip regulator may be bypassed.

Up to 8 addressable HMC988LP3E devices can be used together on the SPI bus.

The HMC988LP3E is ideally suited for data converter applications with extremely low phase noise requirements.


  • Basestation Digital Pre-Distortion Paths (DPD)
  • High Performance Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Backplane Clock Skew Management 
  • Phase Coherence of Multiple Clock Paths
  • Clock Delay Management ton Improve Setup & Hold Time Margins
  • PCB Signal Flight Time Offset Circuits
  • Track and Hold Circuits for ADC/DACs

Features and Benefits

  • Programmable Clock Divide by 1/2/4/8/16/32
  • Delay Adjustment in Multiples of 1/2 Clock Cycles or in 60 Steps of 20 ps (Typ.)
  • –170 dBc/Hz Noise Floor @ 100 MHz Output
  • Up to 4 GHz Operation with 800 mVP-P LVPECL Output
  • 3.3V Operation (or 5V Operation with Optional On-Chip Regulator for Best Performance)