HMC983 DC - 7 GHz Fractional-N Divider and Frequency Sweeper

Product Details

HMC983LP5E is a fractional frequency divider targeted for fractional-N frequency synthesis, and stand-alone low noise frequency divider applications that require exceptional spurious performance.

Although the HMC983LP5E can work with any VCO and/or compatible Phase Detector, best performance and features will be achieved when paired with the companion part, the HMC984LP4E.

Fabricated in SiGe BiCMOS process, the HMC983LP5E features a 48-bit Delta Sigma Fractional Modulator (DSM) with programmable phase accumulator size, enabling precise control of frequency step size and resolution. Integrated DSM can generate frequencies with nearly 0 Hz frequency error. The DSM also includes a built-in programmable frequency sweep capability, with various automatic and user defined sweep modes and triggering options, including hardware trigger pin, or SPI trigger with optional delayed trigger.

HMC983LP5E is a versatile part capable of various configurations. It has 5 general purpose I/Os (GPIOs). DSM outputs are made available from the GPIO port, enabling the HMC983LP5E to import and/or export DSM sequences for various configuration options.

HMC983LP5E divider outputs are differential, open collector with programmable current to accommodate different off-chip loads.


  • Test Equipment
  • Portable Instruments
  • High Performance Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers
  • with Ultra Low Spurious
  • Stand-Alone Divider and/or Delta-Sigma Modulator

Features and Benefits

  • Wideband: DC - 7 GHz Input
    • 20-bit Frequency Divider
  • Low Noise: -160 dBc/Hz
  • Low Spurious: Largest Spurious - 95 dBc
  • 48-bit 100 MHz Delta-Sigma Modulator (DSM)
    • Configurable DSM Size
    • Programmable Seed
    • Phase Step
  • Integrated Frequency Sweeper
    • Linear, Coherent Sweeps
    • 2-Way, 1-Way, & User Defined Sweep Modes
    • Automatic or Triggered
    • Programmable Seed
    • SPI & External Triggering
  • 5-GPIO's, can be used for External DSM
  • Cycle Slip Prevention Support with PFD Chip (HMC984LP4E)
  • Differential VCO Input & Divider Output
  • Programmable Output Current Control:
    • 5 mA to 17.5 mA Open Collector Output Driver
  • 32 Lead 5×5mm SMT Package