FAULHABER launched two new motion controllers of the MC 3001 series with powerful power and small size

MC3001 series motion controllers have two models: MC 3001 B (board-to-board connector) and MC3001P (28-pin plug connector), which make up for the defects of FAULHABER MC V3.0 version controller products in the low-end performance field. This type of controller is very small, but powerful, with a continuous working current of 1.4 amperes and a peak current of up to 5 amperes. As slaves, they are mainly used for the control and positioning of DC micromotors, DC servo linear motors, or DC brushless motors.

FAULHABER introduced two new motion controllers: MC 3001 B (front) and MC 3001 P (middle). They have one thing in common: small size. The back of the picture is the matching motherboard included in the application package. © FAULHABER

The new MC 3001 is a FAULHABER motion controller without housing. They can control FAULHABER DC micromotors, DC servo linear motors, or DC brushless motors in the 6 to 30 mm specifications through the built-in output stage with optimized current measurement function. They are configured via FAULHABER MoTIon Manager software V6 (version 6.8 or above). This new type of motion controller has good electromagnetic compatibility and has been certified by an independent laboratory.

Small size and high dynamic

This new type of motion controller is small in size, with a height of only 2.6 mm and a size of 16x27 mm. They have the characteristics of high control dynamics, the current in continuous working mode is 1.4 amperes, and the peak current is up to 5 amperes. With this new product, FAULHABER makes up for the shortcomings of low-end motion controller products.

Although the design structure is extremely compact, this controller only the size of a thumb head has the same functions as the MC V3.0 series of high-power products, RS232 and CANopen interfaces and encoder interfaces. As intelligent drive modules, they are especially suitable for installation in customized application equipment. The built-in thermal module and high PWM frequency ensure perfect motor overheating protection.

The best application areas for the new motion control of the MC 3001 series include robotics, automation technology, machinery manufacturing, and medical and laboratory technology. The application space in these fields is usually very limited, but it is still necessary to ensure high control dynamics and high efficiency.

Two models to choose from

This series of products has two different models: MC3001 B can be installed on a motherboard with three board-to-board miniature connectors, and MC3001 P can be installed through a 28-pin plug connector. FAULHABER also provides customers with an application package including motherboards and other accessories to help them develop drive system research and development quickly and conveniently. In addition, you can choose from up to six different types of motherboards according to the type of motion controller and motor used. In order to meet the special requirements of customers, the application package also includes other components such as the EtherCAT interface.

This series of motion controllers are used for slave station work, and they can be quickly and easily combined with many high-level master station systems through standard interfaces.

After using the MoTIon Manager software for basic initialization settings, the controller can also perform stand-alone work through the built-in sequence program at any time.